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The level of Services

At Minjaz Group excellence is safety, health and environmental practices is our top priority. We are committed to ensure that our facilities meet all compliances and standards and promote best operational practices.

Customer Satisfaction

We focus strongly on customer satisfaction, quality and reliability. It is our mission to be the supplier of choice to our customers. We meet customers’ needs and contribute to their success with cost-effective solutions.

improve our products

We constantly work to improve our products and services . Sustainability is fundamental to how we do business. We bring together our experience in many different fields and build partnership to develop value-adding solutions.

Working With Excellent

Our Special Services

To Offer the Highest level of products and services to our clients in terms of quality, reliability & speed.


Range of household cleaning and personal care products offering the customers total home care cleaning solutions at affordable price.

Our Clients

Industrial Sector, Institutional Companies, Whole sellers and dealers Sector in and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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